The Juanita Tortilla DIY stall name signage





Taking a break from all the needle breaking otherwise known as sewing, I spent an afternoon creating a Juanita Tortilla signage. It is thoroughly old school, using carton, newsprint, oil pastels, and grease-proof baking paper. Not forgetting freestyle handwriting.

Image 1: The finished sign. How lightweight.

Image 2: ‘Bold’-ing the font oh so manually.

Image 3: Precious crayons from the days dinosaurs walked the earth. Opening the box and smelling it always makes me feel like a kid (from the dinosaur era).

Image 4: Translucent grease-proof paper to trap all the flaky bits of pastel and prevent smearing.

What do you think about it?

Almost Retro – Monthly Stitch Challenge – Sewing Double

23.Apr.14 Third version of this dress

23.Apr.14 Third version of this dress

23.Apr.14 Third version of this dress

Recently I joined The Monthly Stitch community, and April’s challenge is ‘Sewing Double’. I knew immediately which dress was going to be made, and for my third time.

I am crazy about the freedom of movement and gathered sleeves this dress offers. And I think I may start clearing my wardrobe to make way for more of these… There are two made previously that keep getting worn!

Not sure how I feel about the busy yellow-and-black floral fabric, though. I bought it from a bargain bin (5 metres for $15 in Singapore), without a plan for it. You must have moments like that, too? When made into a dress, it looks almost retro.

The fabric “melted” under the iron set for cotton fabric, so I assume this is synthetic. Less wrinkly than cotton, too, which may be a good thing.

It is a no-brainer that I will be making many more of these in a variety of colours. I wonder if a long version would work…

Pattern: Japanese craft book “Adult couture pattern 001″ #3019 (ISBN 978-4-579-11301-9).


Size: 9 / M

Fabric: 3 metres of thin, almost synthetic fabric bought in Singapore, Arab Street

Time taken: 2 days

Modifications: 0

The past versions:


[ blogged here ]


[ not blogged ]

Submitting this post to The Monthly Stitch community.


First Hike in Australia




Officially our first outdoorsy event in Australia — a short hike in the national park in the neighbourhood. (We are obviously taking our sweet time in exploring this place.)

This is a short but rugged summit trail in the Black Hill Conservation Park. Such new sights and sounds. Definitely rugged.

We took 1.5 hours going up and down. I took my time with the descent. The years have taken its toll on my knees and I do not have sure-footing with these steep loose rocks. Yes, that means it’s not unusual for me to slip and fall.

P.S. There are no skyscrapers in Adelaide. Was told it was because of flight paths… I think it gives Adelaide the small country-town feel.

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014 — Raita Bag

Raita (9)

Raita (11)

Raita (4)

Raita (5)

Raita (6)

Raita (12)

Orange finally gets featured in the Juanita Tortilla repertoire with the Umbrella Prints trimmings dark packet I chose. A fitting colour scheme for autumn, too.

This is a corduroy messenger bag named Raita and I am quite proud of her. You may peek behind the scenes to the making of this Umbrella Prints featured pocket here!

Accompanying this handsome patchwork is reclaimed vintage corduroy, polyester yellow lining fabric and brand new zipper and hardware. Also, you can make Raita yours through my Etsy store.

Checking this list to see if I have met the rules of the competition:

- – -

  • 2. A Take two photos // 1. Your Trimmings packet with it’s brown paper packaging 2. What you make
  • B Publish these photos to the internet // share & tell your story linking to Umbrella Prints.
  • C Email Umbrella Prints with a link to where you have shared your photos (we will then pin them to the Umbrella Prints Pinterest Competition board)
  • D Share with all your friends and followers what you have created so that they can vote for you!
  • 3. Make/Do something wonderful from that one packet (one packet per entry)
  • 4. Then, upload your gorgeous photos to a social media platform: blog, Instagram, Flickr, a friends blog or website etc (please note we wont be able use images from Facebook, private Instagram or locked Flickr pics!)
  • 9. The person who gets the most industry judge votes will be our big WINNER!
- – -

Broccoli and Carrots, Again and Again…


Every week, I load up the cart with broccoli and carrot. Every, single, time; just so automatically. Cooking started to get frighteningly boring until I decided to challenge myself with a would-be blog show-and-tell — to vary ways of cooking (and eating) the broccoli-and-carrot duo. These were what I came up with over the past weeks.


*Chicken ‘n carrots meatball “clear stew” with broccoli. It is a lot more soupy than pictured.


*A very lazy tossed noodle, because I had some balls of skinny wanton noodles to use.

*Just steamed.


*Vegetarian yeemee for that starchy MSG fix.


Eventually I’d like to roast them in winter. And curries! Tempura vegetables would be nice, apart from the baneful need for a substantial amount of oil?

Do you also ever find yourself in a monotonous cooking rut?


Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2014

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition

You all know how I love the challenge of making fabric remnants work. The Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition is right up my alley — purchase a packet of randomly-packed trimmings from Umbrella Prints, then make something, anything, to enter the competition.

How is this competition not designed for me? (Ha.)

For this competition I bought a Dark trimmings packet.

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

Today I got to arranging the pieces immediately after the morning coffee. (Just so eager.)

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

After a few attempts at other arrangements, the first try proved to be the lucky one, with the best fit. So glad I took a photo of it; trying to arrange it back from memory would have been impossible…

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

Because I wanted to use every precious bit of print, I went ahead and did a haphazard patchwork. I lack the finesse and precision of someone who sews quilts, so quilters, you may find the images below terrifying.

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition
01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

Just going where the seam flows.

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

To give it a more handmade touch, I hand-stitched some matching rust-coloured dashes.

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

Finally, there was a brown border to “frame” it all up.

01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition
01.Apr.14 Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition

And because this is a competition, I will be showing you the finished product in due time… But you have seen the exciting bits!